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Los Angeles

(213) 373-1062

Made Solid is a leather goods and accessories brand. Our work is handmade in our Los Angeles studio, inspired by West Coast living. We use traditional American vegetable tanned leather. MS design is clean and contemporary.  
The newest collection at Made Solid is bracelets and necklace of antique African trade beads.

Solid Sounds Podcast

Music is essential to Made Solid and the Solid Sounds Podcast mixes highlight some of our most influential songs. Here you'll find classics from all genres, rarities and new productions that are moving us. We listen to everything so don;t be surprised if you hear Brazilian jazz next to 60's surf rock or a rare soul 45 mixed into a new bass track.

Most mixes are recorded live, mixed by Peter Maxwell. We'll have some friends drop in from time to time. Subscribe in itunes or download each mix directly from the site.


Solid Sound Classics - The Boogie Break

Peter Maxwell

80's Funk, Boogie, Modern Soul, Disco Soul
For the longest time, these were under appreciated by the average DJ listener and club goer.
Along came my friend Dam Funk as the champion of all of the above. Clubs like 1983 and Funkmosphere brought the shit back to the mainstream and reminded people how amazing it all is. First LA and then the world. I'm thankful to have been around during the "comeback" (quotes because most of us know it never when anywhere...).
These are my records with a little additional production thrown in.

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