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Los Angeles

(213) 373-1062

Made Solid is a leather goods and accessories brand. Our work is handmade in our Los Angeles studio, inspired by West Coast living. We use traditional American vegetable tanned leather. MS design is clean and contemporary.  
The newest collection at Made Solid is bracelets and necklace of antique African trade beads.

Solid Sounds Podcast

Music is essential to Made Solid and the Solid Sounds Podcast mixes highlight some of our most influential songs. Here you'll find classics from all genres, rarities and new productions that are moving us. We listen to everything so don;t be surprised if you hear Brazilian jazz next to 60's surf rock or a rare soul 45 mixed into a new bass track.

Most mixes are recorded live, mixed by Peter Maxwell. We'll have some friends drop in from time to time. Subscribe in itunes or download each mix directly from the site.


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Solid Sounds Classics - HVW8 International Vol. 15 with Just Max

Peter Maxwell

The HVW8 Podcast was about 4+ years worth of simply incredible producers, djs, artists and musicians sharing what they do. We helped form The Hawthorne Headhunters, gave Dam Funk some of his first mix releases (and later paired him with Taz Arnold and Thundercat live) and featured DJ Haircut pre-Mayer Hawthorne craziness playing the pre-release of It Ain't Gonna Work Out. Aloe Blacc, Daz-I-Cue, The Twilite Tone, Kutmah, Computer Jay, House Shoes and many, many, many more came through.

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Solid Sounds Classics - Max's Theory of a Classic Hip Hop Style

Peter Maxwell

So we've listened to A Touch of Spazz - my foray into samples and loops.
My "Classic Hip Hop Style' was made using some of the (very basic) skills I learned making Spazz.
It's kind of taking those even earlier Classic mix mash-ups to a proper level. At least my level of proper levels.
You see I get bored easily and all of those acapellas just sitting in my stacks call to me. Like the Nas and DJ Cam starting us off going into Grand Puba with TM Juke. Add a few Youtube snippets and we got it!
This mix get rotation in my car and in the studio. Hope you dig...!

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Solid Sounds Classics - A Touch of Spazz

Peter Maxwell

The Solid State Original Mix and The Turkey were both big winners in my book - all records that I love. The mixes are more or less on point. Quality listens both. I can play some records from time to time. Thank you.
A Touch of Spazz came with my purchase of Ableton Live. Now I was taking all those years of record shopping to the computer. I'm obviously messing around on this one. Tons of samples, mash-ups, putting beats behind things and adding sound bites all over the place.
I'm the first to say I'm no producer but I surprise myself sometimes.
Good times all the way!

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Solid Sounds Classics - The Turkey

Peter Maxwell

Now you may have heard The Original Solid State Mix - that was just a warm-up.
Here's The Turkey, coming a few years later as a holiday gift for friends.
The sound is a little harder but more refined than my style back in 2004.
This mix is the one I passed to Miles Tackett (of Breakestra and Funky Sole here in LA) who was playing it in his car with Tyler Gibney (aka HVW8 Ty G). Ty and I linked up shortly after on the strength of this and started our long run hosting the HVW8 Podcast Series (Live at the BBQ, Music Is My Art and HVW8 International).
That series is due for a revival... For now, check The Turkey mofos!

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Solid Sounds Classics - Solid State Original Mix

Peter Maxwell

Can't get much more Solid Classic than this! This is the first mix that I made using the Solid name. I had just opened for Peanut Butter Wolf's Bad Meaning Good mix LA release party and did this with that style in mind. Many music genres flowing together - representing my influence at the time, favorites around 2004 and records I had just picked up. The mix caught on and the rest is history. Big thanks to my friend PBW!

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