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Made Solid is a leather goods and accessories brand. Our work is handmade in our Los Angeles studio, inspired by West Coast living. We use traditional American vegetable tanned leather. MS design is clean and contemporary.  
The newest collection at Made Solid is bracelets and necklace of antique African trade beads.

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Fine leather goods handmade from start to finish in Los Angeles. Made Solid pieces are designed with simplicity, functionality and longevity in mind. Inspiration if found in the diverse lives we lead here on the beautiful West Coast.

Baieido Japanese Incense

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Baieido Japanese Incense

from 16.00

Any visit to Japan would be incomplete without a visit to a Shinto Shrine. At any shrine you'll find boxes of sand with hundreds, or thousands of incense sticks burning. You'll find small versions of this in homes and businesses throughout the country. Each burning stick carries offering and prayer to the heavens.

This is that incense, and it has been burned in this way since 1657.
In many ways, Japan smells like Baieido.

We carry their two classic scents Kobunboku and Kaiun koh. 

Kobunboku (in the green box) is an expression of the plum tree with a mix of sandalwood, borneol, cinnamon, clove and medicinal herbs. It is light and slightly sweet. Sticks are thin and round.

Kaiun koh is an intense mix of wood and spice. The scent is rich, deeper as compared to Kobunboku. Many consider its aloeswood, borneol, camphor, cassia and sandalwood a traditional "old Japan" scent.
It's sticks are thick and square.

Baieido Incense is made with no sticks and is burner best when placed upright in sand. It pairs perfectly with our Sand Incense Burner, available here.


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