CRISTY PITOC - Leather Wrapped Stone Collaboration

Cristy Pitoc is a Los Angeles based designer and one of our oldest friends.
We came together in the early days of Made Solid to create one of our most popular and recognizable pieces.
The Leather Wrapped Stone collaboration began in 2013.
The elegant form is created using traditional Western saddle making techniques.
Stones are still sourced locally through

Each stone is selected for shape and color. Beautiful Hermann Oak vegtan leather is then stretched around the stone using the traditional technique of wet molding. Each is stitched and finished by hand in a multi-step, labor intensive process. It is an all natural process and no glue is used at any time. The leather is bound to the stone for life.
The result is a one-of-a-kind piece. 

Use as a paper weight, worry stone, doorstop, art object - whatever it is to you.

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