AHLEM Eyewear Blue Splatter Eyeglass Case

Ahlem Manai Platt of AHLEM Eyewear began using vintage French acetates for her frames a few years ago. Since then, her collections have grown as have her recognition as a designer and market popularity. It's alway great to see friends working hard and enjoying well-deserved success!

We're proud to count Ahlem as a friend. She supports our work at every turn.
In the Spring of 2016 we came together on a limited co-brand Eyeglass Case. This one features a bright blue splatter and colorful button custom made in France from Ahlem's iconic vintage acetates.

If you're in Venice, Ca, please visit the AHLEM's flagship store on Lincoln Blvd.. Pay special attention all of the drawer pulls while you're there - made those n the same blue splatter style as well.